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Frequently asked questions

It is recommended that master students complete the mandatory ECTS during the 1st year of the course, until the end of the school year. If they do not, they can in the following school year, before the Dissertation/Project/Internship Report submission, which implies the student's enrollment in the 2nd year of the masters. Students in the bachelors must complete the mandatory ECTS until the end of the course.

The participation in the EEGenerating Skills activities is mandatory. Depending on the course, the students may have in their curriculum different activities and ECTS to complete in the program.

The platform does not have any password by default so it does not recognize the UM's password. The first step to access it is precisely to define a password. You can use any password, provided that it follows the security guidelines given when you are creating it. You can use your UMinho's password if it follows the restrictions.

The best way to avoid the penalization that arises from a foreseeable absence is to unenroll until the deadline. The unenrollment can be done in the activity page, in the "Unenroll" button, which can easily be accessed through the "Enrollments" tab in the program's page. If the absence comes from unexpected situations (e.g. sickness, accidents, grief, ...), which could not be foreseen before that unerollment deadline, it can be justified. Justified absences, provided with the necessary documentation, do not input a penalization.

Yes. For two reasons: 1) Not all students have the same priority when securing a spot after enrolling. The students that have ECTS in order to fulfill their curriculum and have not done so have priority. For that reason, if you are one of those students, it is possible that even if you enroll in an activity that has a lot of enrollments, you might get one of the available spots. If you are unable to get a spot, you are included in a waiting list and may be called in case a student misses. 2) Some high demanded activities shall be repeated later. This demand will be evaluated through the number of enrollments. For that reason, even if you are unable to get a spot in a given activity, your interest will flag the need to promote more of such activities in the future.

Yes. The participation certificates can be downloaded at any time in the platform, by selecting the option "Profile" when clicking the user menu in the left bottom of the navigation sidebar (where the name of the student is). The certificate lists all the activities in which the student has participated until that moment.

Most activities have a single session. Workshops usually have the duration of 3 hours straight in a single session, Talks last from 1:30 to 2 hours and Field Days might last 3 to 4 hours. Most activities have multiple editions, with the possibility of more being scheduled. For instance, there are many editions of "Competences and Self-Knowledge Assessment" and "CV & LinkedIn" per semester. It only makes sense for each person to participate in one of them, and it will only be credited the participation one time.

Master's Degree Students: The Data Analysis and Transferable Skills UC is composed of 6 ECTS distributed as follows: 4 ECTS in Data Analysis courses; 1.5 ECTS in Workshops and 0.5 ECTS in Lectures. We recommend reading the document “EEGenerating Skills and EEG Data Pro (Masters) Rules”. Bachelor's Degree Students: Depending on the course plan you are attending, you may have to complete different number of ects. We therefore recommend that you read the document “EEGenerating Skills and EEG Data Pro Rules (Bachelor)”.

Absence is a major cost as it restricts access to activities for other interested colleagues. Therefore, unjustified absences from activities carry a penalty, described in the rules of operation. Please consult the current rules of operation.

Justification of absence from the EEG Data Pro programme should be done by sending an email to filipasa@eeg.uminho.pt, enclosing proof of the reason for the absence. To justify absences from the EEGenerating Skills programme, please send an email to carreiras@eeg.uminho.pt, enclosing proof of the reason for the absence. Only absences that fit the reasons indicated in the rules of the programme are justified.

The final mark of the UC is composed of the weighted average of the best 4 ECTS obtained in Data Analysis modules performed with positive evaluation.

It is only possible to transfer half of the excess ects undertaken as part of the degree. Transfer requests should be addressed to filipasa@eeg.uminho.pt.

Crafted by Marmela